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1104 S. 42ND Street Mt. Vernon, Il

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 Traditional Urgent Care Services:  We take care of the unexpected earache at 7pm at night. With our on site x-ray, we can take an x-ray of an injured limb to determine if there is a break in the bone.  If there is a broken bone, we can reduce and splint the injury to help healing occur while waiting for an orthopedic referral if needed. Does your little one need stitches and it is 5pm?  Avoid the long wait in the Emergency Department, we have the ability to carefully apply numbing medication and stitch up that cut. 

Occupational Medicine Services:  We offer employers a full spectrum of work related services.  With our extended hours, we can handle most injuries any day of the week.  We offer pre-employment physicals which can include labs, ekg, lung function testing,  vision testing,  hearing testing, as well weight lifting requirements.  We offer DOT physicals as well.  We understand the positive psychological impact of return your people to work, while still giving their physical condition the attention needed.  Our Occupational Medicine Services are based on the standards set by the AMA as well as the ACOEM Guidelines.  If you are an employer and you are interested in our services please call; we are able to tailor our occupational medicine services to meet the needs of the employer.

Chronic Medical Conditions/ Preventative Health Care: Do you wish your diabetes was under better control?  When was your cholesterol checked last?  Has your blood pressure been running high?  Our providers have the experience to help you feel your best.  Clinical trials prove that poorly controlled chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension take years off your life.  Do you need a pap smear?  We have female providers and nurses who can offer you this services with privacy and confidence.  Want to lose weight?  Come and see Christy Kelley APN for an individualized weight loss program.